Here’s two charts for shorting possibilities. Three hours before the markets open, and the S&P and Nasdaq futures are down 12 and 19 points respectively. Neither of the two charts below are ones I am not totally sold on. CLNE, I believe, is being promoted by T. Boone Pickens, with his commercials on finding renewable energy sources, etc. Which would make sense, seeing the huge rise in this companies stock price despite oil selling off in a major way.

DTG – be extremely careful with! Some opportunity on a follow through from yesterday’s losses may exist, but good chance this thing could gap down big today, and recovery throughout the remainder of the session. Point being, its I’m not sure how good the risk/reward is in this circumstance, but thought it was worth sharing.

Side-Note: Sold shares of APP yesterday. Rallied a bit at the end of the day (1%), but still in a good position to see a drop in this stock today.

Here’s the charts on the Shorts…