January has been amazing month for trading in the stock market. 

So far we have yet to see the market crack. Each dip continues to get bought back up with undeniable ferocity. 

While a pullback would, no doubt, be welcomed, the goal here is to continue to ride this trend higher for as long as it is willing and able

February will definitely be interesting, and it gets started on Thursday. Whether it can continue the momentum that January has seen will be a huge question on the minds of traders. I think it will be a difficult task for sure, but while there may be some profit taking that comes online in February, there is still the ‘Dumb-Money’ that is flowing in, and I don’t think they have quite maxed out their credit cards or second mortgages just yet ? (unless they were the same people trading bitcoin at $20k). 

With all that said, here is the bullish list of trade setups that I will be closely following this week. If you’d like to get my real time trade setups for free, you can do so by subscribing to the SharePlanner Splash Zone, which also comes with a Free 7-Day Trial

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