Plenty of bullish stocks to be following

The number of bearish stocks are ticking upwards as well, but for right now, I only want to focus on the bullish stocks. Bearish stocks will be posted soon enough. Nonetheless, stocks like Apple (AAPL) which has been on a huge tear of late, is setting up, yet again, to the upside with a nice bullish flag being formed over the past few days.

Now just because there are plenty of bullish stocks that you can play from the list below doesn’t mean you go and play all of them. Moderation is important. Without some sense of caution, you risk jeopardizing any and all success that you have experienced over the course of the past few months. Eventually the market will take the elevator down, and if you are hemorrhaging with long positions, your going to lose it all. 

Moderation people… MODERATION!

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Here’s my bullish stocks to watch

And remember, the stock market will be here tomorrow, and it will provide its own set of opportunities. Don’t let a sense of time scarcity press you into positions you don’t need to be into. Add some new positions that is okay, but don’t go buying everything your eyes deems worthy of your capital. 

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