An 84 point sell-off from last Wednesday’s highs to today’s lows.

The stock market is freaking out over manufacturing data (again) and Trump’s comments (again) on a China trade deal not being settled, possibly, until after next year’s election. 

Seriously, were we not being sold on the idea about 200 SPX handles ago on the idea that the a Phase 1 deal was agreed upon, and that the finer details were being ironed out?

What happened to that?

Oh, you don’t say that there was never a deal in place in the first place, and that the administration was simply using the hopes of a China trade deal as an opportunity to say certain strategic words to goose the algos into action and drive the market higher? 

Ah yes, that does sound about right. 

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So now that reality is starting to hit that a trade deal might not even have any details written out on so much as a paper napkin, the market has started to freak out just a wee-bit. But don’t let that stop the BTFD’ers out there, they naturally assume everything is a dip to be bought, and that is true – it is, until…well…it isn’t. And when it isn’t when do you stop buying the f’in dip?

Below I’ve added my bullish watch-list of stocks I am watching right now. I’ll admit, I added one of the trades, just in case this market does indeed bounce, and forgets what we have seen the last three days. I liked the technicals, I liked the support underneath, so I went with it. I have a tight leash on it, even though it is off to a good start, simply because I’m not so sure that this market doesn’t have further downside to it. 

Take a look at the bullish watch-list for this week:

bullish watch list 12 3