Good morning everyone – looks like we have some insecurity this morning as we await jobless claims. As it stands right now with the futures, the Dow is down 27 points, the Nasdaq is down 5.25 points, and the S&P is down 3.75. The Jobless Claims report that is set to be released at 8:30am EST is the only report of significance today.

In my portfolio, the only change that I have made of late is increasing the stop-loss in LXK to 24.83. I still don’t see any point in buying stocks in a market that is as overbought as we are right now. So I remain about 50% cash right now.

Here are Today’s Trading Ideas…

Potential Swing Trades (Long): CROX, GEF, QSII, BW, MI, WAB

Potential Swing Trades (Short): PFCB, VMI, BGG, VZ, UHAL

Stocks Ready to Bounce: ACL

Stocks Ready to Pullback: ENG, STEC, LIZ, MLI, SYNM, MMR, ORCT, SHFL, HTCH, EPD  

Breakout Stocks: QSII, MOO, HP, RAD

Breakdown Stocks: PRE, FFKT, SRDX, BKMU