I get it, the rally will end at some point, but holy cow, nothing has seemed to stall this crazy upward climb.  

I’ve got a plethora of long setups in the portfolio now and added few more today too with Netflix (NFLX) breaking out of its bull flag among others. I’ve weeded out the long setups that have come and gone, as they aren’t even worth tracking for a new long position – like Apple (AAPL) for instance. Nothing against the stock, I just don’t see a reason to be getting long on it at $300. 

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Nonetheless, there are plenty of trading opportunities out there still. Energy is running hot and should continue to do so in the days ahead with uncertainty in the middle east. You also have the biotech stocks showing signs of a short-term bottom and ready to push back up again. 

Like I said, plenty of new opportunities out there in the new year, as long as the market can hold up. 

Take a look at the bullish watch-list for this week:

bullish watch list 1 6 20