The market has been in need of a rally like this for a very long time. 

The question is whether it can actually hold such a rally into the next trading session, because it has failed, in glorious fashion, to do so since February 11th. Follow through to the upside would work wonders for the stock market sentiment, and may even get some cash off the sidelines and back into equities. I’m skeptical though until proven otherwise. 

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Now, I do think there is going to be another amazing shorting opportunity that will hit this market again in the short-term, but for now, I will let this dead cat bounce play itself out. Below are the list of stocks that I’ve compiled that are getting closer to being an ideal short setup in the near term. Not today, but could be in the next 1-3 days. So stay tuned. 

Here’s the bearish watch-list for this week:

bearish watch list 3 24