Oh what a mess this Federal Reserve has put the stock market in!

Oh I know, S&P 500 and the Nasdaq are both positive on the year, and the latter is raging at new all-time highs, day after day practically. But what happens when the Fed balance sheet goes back to “normal”? 

What happens, when they offload it all, do you really think the market is going to be okay with that?

Not a chance! 

It’ll implode. But for now, all is well, no one minds because their 401(k) feels safe, despite deteriorating market internals where breadth is registering some of its worst numbers, and market values are at dot-com-like levels.

My bullish watch-list is below and I’m still trading long in the Trading Block, despite my personal reservations of what one day this economy and market will become. 

Here’s my watch-list of long setups I am following:

bullish watch list 7 20

Here’s my short watch-list, though there is little value to it, until the Fed takes its foot off the pedal of infinite QE.

Here’s my watch-list of short setups I am following:

bearish watch list 7 20

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