I was split between equal longs and equal shorts coming into today. 

However, I was wanting more downside, because that is where the easy money would be if this market could ever just give us a solid pullback.This consolidation over the past three weeks, and even more so, the constant headlines, tweets, and reports about the trade war with China has made price action nauseating.

I was stopped out of my QID position for a +2% profit, however, I wouldn’t be surprised if I added another position back to the portfolio before the end of the day. 

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With the market bounce off of the overnight lows, the stocks below have started to show some promising setups. However, I have zero confidence in this market that a bounce can be sustained, especially with us stuck in the thick of a nasty, sideways price range that has yet to break in either direction. 

Whatever you decide to do going forward, whether it is to the long or short side, do it in measured increments. Don’t go all in or too heavy. Less is better in this market. 

Here’s my bullish watch-list:

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