Not much has changed with the market since last week. The market remains insanely bullish and little signs of weakness, if any. 

I closed out my last half position in Beyond Meat (BYND) today, getting stopped out at $120 for a +37% profit. I got long on January 9th at $87.75. 

What and awesome trade it was. I thought I could get more out of it, but hey, somebody thought it would be appropriate to halt the trading and completely kill the momentum in the stock. What a pisser that was. Nonetheless, I’ll always be happy with 37% in profits

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I’m long on UBER since 12/16, with +16% in profits there. I added Restoration Hardware (RH) today and so far so good with that – but to be honest, when it comes to RH, you can’t feel secure in that stock until you sell it. It can make some crazy moves and you have to take that as part of the territory. 

Other stocks you should be watching, are Canopy Growth (CGC), breaking out of its base, Shake Shack (SHAK) breaking out of its base, or at least trying to, and Etsy (ETSY) running hard into its gap. 

Take a look at the bullish watch-list for this week:

bullish watch list 1 14 20