Each night I provide a recap of the charts and technical analysis of some of the most intiruging market development. Call it “cleaning out of the notebook” per se. Here you will get a hodge-podge of analysis on different  stocks, sectors, ETFs, and market indices. Some of them, may have been requests from members of the SharePlanner Trading Blockor to help those on the prowl for technical analysis on various charts. Hopefully they help spark an idea or two for your next winning trade!

$CNO with a confirmed double bottom breakout.

cno 10 5

$AMD in the bullish wedge pattern.

amd 10 5

Reward/Risk on $FSLY isn’t looking right to me.

fsly 10 5

patterns to profits training course

$NKE seeing some interested buyers at these levels.

nke 10 5

$ACN trying to hold on to that long-term trend-line.

acn 10 5

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