I haven't done this in the past, but figured I'd start doing as much, to further present honesty and transparency to my trading, thoughts, ideas, etc. So, below you will find all my trades for the month - my entry, exit, profit/loss and more.

Overall it was a great month. You might be surprised that I don't have more trades listed. However, I am a pretty particular in my trading, I don't usually carry a ton of positions all at once, and when I am in a profitable position, I will usually ride that trade as long as humanly possible. Also, my positions in each trade are usually pretty large (between 5 and 15% on average) That is why there are only 15 trades on the month with 13 of them being profitable.

I'll take a 13-2 record very month if I could.

Here Are My Trading Results.

You'll notice that the last week of the month I basically intraday-scapled the S&P for quick profits. My typical positon there could be as large as 40% of my portfolio.