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How To Be A Trader: 3 Strategies To Make You Profitable

How to be a profitable trader is more than just picking stocks "Give me a good stock pick!" "Tell me what to invest in." What should I buy?" On the surface these all sound like good questions for someone wanting to know how to be a profitable trader. But that is assuming that those questions actually has something to do with successful trading. But really what trading is all about is managing the risk on your trade. Every post I write, in some shape or form, I highlight this very important aspect of trading.


Reviewing My Swing-Trading Past Performance in March

My Trading Past Performance in Review You might not have realized it, but March actually snapped a…

How to Use Stop Loss Orders and Increase Trading Profits

Always use a stop loss order If there has ever been one aspect that I have beaten into the hearts…

How to Develop a Powerful List of Stocks to Watch

Creating a list of stocks to watch is not complicated and actually straightforward I manage my list…

Swing Trading Stock Returns in February

In February, my swing trading stock returns were solid across the board The S&P 500, Dow Jones…

Allotment of Shares: Don't Worry About How Many Shares To Buy

How many shares you can buy doesn’t matter I know, I know, we all want to have thousands and…

Launching My Finance Podcast

The best financial stock market podcast I’ve been putting it off for a long time, but I’ve finally…

4 Stock Investments That Are Poised To Go Up During The Trump Presidency

Whether you like Donald Trump or not, when it comes to trading or investing in the stock market, it…
3 Trading Strategies For Increasing Your Stock Market Profits

3 Trading Strategies For Increasing Your Stock Market Profits

Trying to find the right trading strategy that will help increase your profits is incredibly…
Trading ETFs Long and Short and The Best ETFs to Buy

Trading ETFs Long and Short and The Best ETFs to Buy

Finding the Best ETF for Trading Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are all the rage these days. Traders…
Trading Psychology 5 Trading Tips for Becoming Mentally Tough

Trading Psychology: 5 Trading Tips for Becoming Mentally Tough

Trading stocks is hard and there are times where you just want to pull out all your hair! I know…
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