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Trading options can be a risky endeavor, but not if you know what you are doing. You see, there are two sides to each options trade and the key is to make sure you are putting risk on your side on each and every trade. Instead of buying options and hoping by expiration that they are trading In-The-Money, we take the other side of the trade by writing the options and selling them to the traders who are willing to take on the unnecessary, high-risk. Our strategy sees profitability on over 98% of our trades. There's no other trading service out there that can yield you such a consistent return. 


How does our service work? 

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SharePlanner's Options Income Newsletter is setup to create a consistent stream of income from monthly option plays (the core focus) as well as a boost from the occasional weekly options setups. These setups can be utilized during your online vanilla options trading sessions as well. 

  • On average Ryan will send out approximately 3 – 5 positions a month.
  • Each alert will be full of information from the strategy name, specific trade information, and the explanation of why Ryan is putting the trade on.  
  • The majority of the alerts will be emailed out before the market opens which will allow you to place the orders in the morning before the market open.


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What is trading options for a credit?

Creating credit using options is done by selling a call or put option, collecting a premium and thereby bringing in a consistent cash flow. 

  • Ryan can also pair these teogether to create credit spreads and iron-condors. 
  • These non-directional plays allow us to take advantage of the market regardless of the direction it moves in. 
  • You will need a margin account which allows the broker to hold the money for the position until it closes out. 
  • You can also sign up to have your trades automatically placed through Global Auto-Trading (see below).


More About Ryan

ryan1Ryan focuses on selling put and call option strategies, which includes both weekly and monthly time frames. And within these time frames he utilizes vertical spreads (i.e. credit spreads), iron condors, as well as naked calls & puts. 

  • Twenty years of market experience and a proven track record of successful trading in the financial markets year-after-year.
  • Most of the trades come from utilizing common ETF's such as index funds and other industry-specific funds.
  • Regardless of the strategy though, you can come to expect that each setup will put the risk in your favor and allow you to be the one that profits off of time decay and volatility.
  • You can access our Newsletter Track Record & Past Performance Here


If You're Not Profitable - We Guarantee Your Money Back!

There are far too many services out there that promise to make all your wildest dreams come true. We refuse to do that.

  • If your subscription to SharePlanner's Options Income Newsletter doesn't return you a profit above and beyond what you pay for our service each month, we'll gladly refund your payment for that month.
  • At the end of the month if your total return from the service is less than $29.95, you have our complete assurance you will get a full refund for the that month's subscription.*
  • You won't find our competitors offering such a guarantee, not to mention the 14-day free trial. 



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 Auto-Trading Our Newsletter

SharePlanner uses Global AutoTrading and eOption which allows traders to automate the subscription to our options income newsletter and insure that they are in each and every one of the trades that our newsletter makes. 




100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - or Your Money Back! - With your subscription to SharePlanner's Options Income Newsletter you will receive a 14-Day Trial. If for any reason during this time you are not completely satisfied with our service, you can cancel your subscription and not be charged a cent. No Questions Asked!