New Trade Setups Added

Long: Bank of America (BAC) *Sent Intraday*

  • Ideal Entry: 30.57
  • Stop-loss Option: 29.39
  • Target: 34.30
  • Risk Rating: 2.9

bac long setup


Trade Setups Triggered:

Long Setups: BAC

Short Setups: None

Setups Waiting to Trigger:

Long Setups: None

Short Setups: None

Active Trades:

Long: WING (1/3), BAC

Short: None 

Trades/Setups Removed/Closed:

NT=Never Triggered, 1/2=Half position, 1/3=Third position

Long: BAC

Short: None

Trading Notes: 

No additional notes: Market is dicey here still. I like my add in BAC yesterday and I don't want to be overly aggressive at this stage of the game. Right now I have the equivalent of 1 1/3 of a position total. I have plenty of cash that I can put to work, but right now, I don't want to do that, until the picture becomes clearer. If the market sells off and the two positions I have, do the same, it won't hurt much because I am primarily in cash, and that opens the opportunity to better setups down the road. If the market improves, then I increase my long exposure - simple as that, but I don't force my hand on the market, I let the market dictate the terms of my trading.  

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