Launching My Finance Podcast

The best financial stock market podcast

I’ve been putting it off for a long time, but I’ve finally decided to clear the schedule and invest the necessary time and resources to get my finance podcast off the ground. Each week I will do a podcast that touches on, not just the current market environment, but how and what it is telling us on a daily basis that can make us all better traders when it comes to financial markets.

Launching My Finance Podcast

It will be conversational in nature but educational in content. These podcasts are set up to help you grow and learn as a trader, and I am confident that they will do just that. Right now, my podcast can be found on SoundCloud. I will soon have it listed with Apple iTunes, and will provide an update on this article here when that happens.


Simply put this is NOT going to be a podcast where I bloviate recent trading successes. Instead it designed to educate you, teach you and help you grow as an individual trader.


Launching my first financial podcast

My first podcast, which I did this week, is titled, "How to Properly Manage Risk in a Raging Bull Market" and it goes through the obstacles facing the current trading environment and how you can make sure that when this market does finally give up and start to pull back again (a foreign concept, I know), how you can make sure you get out at or near the market top and not give back those hard earned gains.


You see, most traders and all the profits that they have, come from continuously buying the dips and staying long, no matter what. But they, will lose all these gains once the market starts to change course. That’s because the market always takes the stairs up, but the elevator down. So when it does happen, there won’t be much time to think. If you haven’t been managing the risk properly all along, you are going to lose the gains you had and then some, and all this trading that you have taken part in for months won’t mean anything.


So go ahead and take the next twenty-two minutes and listen to my podcast. You won’t be disappointed, because I go through everything just mentioned and more in extreme detail.

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My Stock Market podcast will have three elements to it

And overall, when it comes to the podcast there are three concepts that I will consistently emphasize:

  • Trading practices that you can immediately implement into your daily routines

  • Strategies that will make you more profitable

  • Tying it in with today’s current market environment


As a result you’ll get a broad spectrum of education when it comes to the market mixed with real life trading conditions. All from a full time trader who does battle with the market everyday, and successfully too.


You’re not going to find that anywhere else, because as a trader, I am more than happy to talk about trades that were not successful even more so than the ones that were successful (like my 6.1% gain in FLEX, but really who cares), because in the losing trades there is a wealth of information and lessons to learn, that you simply just don’t get from the profitable trades. Because I am 100% open about my trading and past performance, it puts me in a unique situation to connect with you on the daily struggles that comes with being a full-time trader.


For my finance podcast, I want to hear from you

What I would also appreciate from you is if you can leave some feedback in the comment section or shoot me an email by using the contact page to do so. I thrive on user feedback and it is what has made SharePlanner so successful over the years. I read all of your emails and respond to them too, and if you give me a topic that you’d like to hear me talk about, oh, I’ll talk about it. So don’t be a stranger and send me your thoughts on what you’d like from the podcast too.




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