Trading Notebook: $COIN $ORCL $SBUX $XLE $NFLX

2023-08-23T20:26:19-04:00August 23, 2023|

$COIN finally starting to break out of the declining channel from mid-July. Very little resistance overhead from here to continue to the climb. Imagine getting stopped out on a random 7% drop mid-day for no reason at all on $ORCL. No news that I can find anywhere. $SBUX breaking below [...]

Trading Notebook: $MTCH $XLE $JETS $BABA $DIS

2023-07-17T20:19:54-04:00July 17, 2023|

$MTCH broke out and through its declining trend-line. I'm watching whether it pulls back to the trend-line and declining support for a potential bounce. $XLE coming back to test the breakout support level. Watch to see whether it can bounce here. $JETS rising trend-line broken and today, though it is [...]

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