Today’s Trading Plan: One Eye On Santa

2016-12-19T09:03:54-05:00December 19, 2016|

Technical Analysis: Another “sell-off” that was hardly a sell-off on Friday, where price basically stood still.  Right now, it is more likely that the bulls are alleviating overbought conditions through “time” rather than “price”.  The steep rising uptrend on S&P 500 (SPX) could possibly be tested today at 2252.  The only rising [...]

Today’s Trading Plan: Friends With the Trend Again

2016-07-13T05:52:44-04:00July 13, 2016|

Technical Outlook: SPX continues its epic rise yesterday, now up 160+ points in the last ten trading sessions.  VIX prior to this week, had dropped 8 out of 9 trading sessions down to key support in the lower 13’s. Last two days the VIX has refused to drop lower despite [...]

Oil Threatening to Break Its Rising Trend-Line

2016-03-23T14:09:09-04:00March 23, 2016|

After breaking out of its recent base, oil has been on a roll, breaking out of its rising channel and crushing the hopes and dreams of bears wanting to see $20 oil.  Now the question is, does the bears have a renewed sense of hope here with a possible break [...]

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