Trading Notebook: $TGT $SOFI $RCMT

2023-09-22T15:13:52-04:00September 22, 2023|

$TGT continues with another leg lower with very little support underneath. Possible that this stock continues to drop until it tests $95. $SOFI confirming that head and shoulders, with little support underneath. Next level is $6.50 followed by $5.25. $RCMT testing key resistance. A push above would create a breakout [...]

Trading Notebook: $F $SPCE $TGT $DBI

2023-08-15T21:08:16-04:00August 15, 2023|

$F rising trend-line off of the July '22 lows could see a test and bounce. Patience is key here. $SPCE breaking below key support to new all-time lows. $TGT with a continuation triangle break to the downside. $DBI not quite there yet, and definitely having some struggles today, but worth [...]

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