A Super Diamond Topping Pattern on the Nasdaq

2016-06-30T11:51:47-04:00June 30, 2016|

Just for a minute and take a look at the chart of the Nasdaq for the past two years. It has to be the worst time period ever for the chart. There is no direction, no conviction and more importantly, no sustainability in either direction.  Every dip is met with [...]

The Stock Market Is Rick James, Super Freak

2016-05-24T15:25:40-04:00May 24, 2016|

No doubt about it, this market has become a full-fledged, Rick James, Super-Freak. The S&P 500 sells off for three straight weeks, and in one day, with one rally, the S&P 500  wipes out 2/3’s of those losses.  I can’t explain it, I just embrace it. I was short coming [...]

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