The Biggest Sucker’s Trade On Wall Street

2016-08-01T14:45:19-04:00August 1, 2016|

Every once in a while I like to update my readers on the biggest “Sucker’s Trade” on Wall Street.  How these types of ETFs are even allowed to exist is beyond me. Most people don’t understand how the VIX is computed much less a leveraged derivative of VIX. Yet people [...]

Today’s Trading Plan: Wall Street Heads to the Hamptons

2016-05-27T07:57:42-04:00May 27, 2016|

Technical Outlook: SPX finished just barely in the red (while SPY finished just barely in the green) yesterday, and consolidating nicely at its 6-day highs.  The head and shoulders pattern that the bears had eagerly been waiting to have confirm, has been nullified.  All eyes are on the 1:15pm Janet [...]

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