Swing Trading Strategy Report #26

2017-08-31T08:47:00-04:00August 31, 2017|

My Swing Trading Approach Price action is becoming mre reliable for the bulls here, however, shock events still loom large on SPX with North Korea. I will look to aggresively increase my stops on my profitable positions.  Indicators […]

Consolidation Here Not a Bad Idea

2017-07-21T09:12:00-04:00July 21, 2017|

When the Nasdaq is up 10 straight days – a little consolidation never hurt anyone.  While it is much more common to see the Nasdaq have these kinds of runs than the S&P 500, it still needs to cool off here. What’s amazing about the run is that it comes [...]

Swing-Trading Strategy for Flex Ltd With Stop-Loss Orders

2017-02-17T15:45:16-05:00February 17, 2017|

Good example of using stop-loss orders for protecting profits on my current trade of Flex Ltd (FLEX) Which happens to be a Contract Manufacturer in the technology sector, with a market cap of $8.8B I was really drawn to this stock when it pulled back following the sharp spike higher [...]

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