Swing Trading Strategy Report #218

2018-06-08T09:00:00-04:00June 8, 2018|

My Swing Trading Approach With futures trading lower again, and with some of the profit-taking seen in technology, I am still looking at taking a cautious tone, coming into today. Adding another position to the portfolio will likely result in my closing out another, in order to avoid additional long [...]

Swing Trading Strategy Report #217

2018-06-07T08:30:00-04:00June 7, 2018|

My Swing Trading Approach I have been a little more conservative with my approach here. I have plenty of swing-trades in the portfolio – all with profits, but am somewhat hesitant to add more to the portfolio with as overbought as this market currently is. Not that I won’t going [...]

Swing Trading Strategy Report #216

2018-06-06T09:00:00-04:00June 6, 2018|

My Swing Trading Approach At this stage, I am quite happy with the stocks I have in the portfolio. I am looking to play it cautious here, as I do not want to stock pile too many positions here. I’ll raise my stop-loss on existing trades. With low volume market [...]

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