My Bullish Watch-List for the Santa Rally

2017-12-26T15:13:02-05:00December 26, 2017|

The infamous, Wall Street “Santa-Rally” commences tomorrow, and lasts through the first two trading sessions of the new year.  It isn’t fool proof, but history, has dubbed this one of the more bullish periods of trading for the stock market.  […]

Bearish Trade Setups To Watch, At Least For Now

2017-05-10T13:02:15-04:00May 10, 2017|

Bearish Trade setups – to watch, for now.  The bears, or what’s left of them, are really struggling to make sense of this market. I do too, at times, but that doesn’t mean I go shorting it. There will be a time for that, and when that time is, nobody [...]

How to Develop a Powerful List of Stocks to Watch

2017-03-18T15:09:43-04:00March 18, 2017|

Creating a list of stocks to watch is not complicated and actually straightforward I manage my list of stocks that I watch every day. I am subtracting and adding to them on a daily basis. I also post my bullish and bearish stock watch-lists at least once a week here [...]

Stocks Watchlist: KKR, PENN, CVI

2017-03-10T08:04:00-05:00March 10, 2017|

Payrolls coming in strong and my stocks watchlist has a few names to keep a close eye on as the market looks to rally back towards those all-time highs for the first time since….last week. If you are interested in more of my trade setups and my real-time trade alerts, [...]

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