Another Stock Market Crash?

2023-02-21T22:05:00-05:00February 21, 2023|

After an epic rally in January and much of February, the last three days has seen stocks reverse the gains and trade in negative territory. In this video I'm going to provide my technical analysis on whether this is just a short-term pullback, or the continuation of the stock market [...]

Top 5 Swing Trading Lessons of 2022 (So Far)

2022-07-02T21:55:00-04:00July 2, 2022|

The stock market crash of 2022 has resulted in the worst first half of trading since 1970. In this video, I provide you with my top 5 swing trading lessons of 2022. Whether you are a beginner at trading or a seasoned veteran, these stock trading lessons can help you [...]

5 Swing Trades for 2022

2022-01-02T17:24:00-05:00January 2, 2022|

Here's my 5 swing trading setups to start 2022. I provide the swing trading setup that is easy enough for a stock market beginner. With each swing trading setup from the stock market, I provide my ideal way in which I manage the risk. Intro: 0:00 Stock Pick #1: 0:32 [...]

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