Gartman Bullish Call Signals a Sell on Crude

2016-05-13T12:37:29-04:00May 13, 2016|

For those wondering when they should be taking profits on their oil trades, never fear, Dennis Gartman just went bullish on crude.  For those who are not aware, this is the individual who has a track record of being the most perfect contrarian indicator that our generation has ever seen.  [...]

Short Setups for the Potential Sell-Off

2016-05-10T13:35:19-04:00May 10, 2016|

It is the best rally that the market has seen in over a month. But there is plenty to be concerned with here still.  For one, SPX doesn’t seem to crazy about wanting to push through the 20-day moving average, but it hasn’t been rejected by it yet either. If [...]

Today’s Trading Plan: Sell-Off Accelerating

2016-05-06T08:27:00-04:00May 6, 2016|

Technical Outlook: Attempted bounce early on yesterday eventually resulted in a sell-off in the afternoon that saw SPX finish lower for the fifth time in the last six trading sessions.  A late day rally attempt yesterday fell apart.  Yesterday marked the first time since 3/24 that SPX sold off three [...]

The Russell Index’s Ultimate Buy and Sell Signal

2016-04-29T10:45:54-04:00April 29, 2016|

Let’s just say that the Russell index does not like to put forward a good challenge to the 50-week moving average and this week has been no different. After testing the 50-week moving average last week for the first time since early December of last year, the Russell index tested [...]

Is This Where The Market Starts To Sell Off At?

2016-04-04T15:34:08-04:00April 4, 2016|

I am a little bit surprised the the market has shown no willingness to follow through on Friday’s rally off the the lows. So far today it has simply been a steady decrease in price across all the indices and stocks in general.  In fact the decliners are holding a [...]

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