Micron Technologies $MU Swing Trading Review

2020-12-03T16:07:20-05:00December 3, 2020|

Micron Technologies (MU) has become one of my favorite trades of the past few months.  I originally spotted this beauty of a chart based off of triangle breakout back on October 29th. I provided my trade setup to members of the Trading Block. As MU pulled back and held the [...]

Swing Trading Strategy Report #219

2018-06-11T08:55:00-04:00June 11, 2018|

My Swing Trading Approach As the market continues to make its run off of the May lows, I am not opposed to adding more positions to the portfolio, but it is more important at this point to be protecting profits, and dramatically increasing existing stop-losses.  Indicators […]

Swing Trading Strategy Report #59

2017-10-18T09:07:00-04:00October 18, 2017|

My Swing Trading Approach I have plenty of flexibility to play the market in either direction, depending on what the market ultimately wants to do. Only way I will get short is if the market shows signs of breaking down.  Indicators […]

More Short Setups Are Starting To Pop Up

2017-10-17T14:15:42-04:00October 17, 2017|

This market, as much as it has consistently moved higher by 2 points here, and 3 points there, has managed to put traders and investors alike, to sleep.  Traders these days, conveniently turn on their computer and expect the market to be either 1-2 points higher or 1-2 points lower. [...]

Splash Zone Trading Profits + Analysis for July

2017-08-10T15:43:53-04:00August 10, 2017|

The key to July’s swing trading success was in managing the losses and keeping them SMALL! I did that well, and it is something I am very happy. My winning percentage was right there at my historical average, but I didn’t place as many trades as I usually do. There [...]

Keep Managing the Risk + My Short Setups To Follow

2017-05-23T15:51:44-04:00May 23, 2017|

How many times have I wrote a post that includes the phrase “The bears blew another opportunity”? Except for a handful of occasions, over the past 8 years and more specifically, over the past year, sell-offs tend to be nothing more than a blip on the radar.  You have to [...]

Terrorism Adds More Headline Risk To The Stock Market

2017-05-23T08:00:00-04:00May 23, 2017|

Manchester terrorist attack adds additional volatility to the market The horror that terrorist groups keep bringing to the lives of people simply trying to live at peace and keep to themselves is startling. I'll never understand what could possess a person to bring such havoc to the lives of others [...]

Headline Risk + Market Jits

2017-05-22T08:00:00-04:00May 22, 2017|

Political headline risk holding the market hostage Friday looked and felt great, until there was about 45 minutes left in the trading session, then when wheels were up on Air Force One, WaPo and the New York Times dropped simultaneous, rumored based articles that no one can verify independently.  [...]

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