Swing-Trading Strategy Report #450

2019-05-31T09:00:00-04:00May 31, 2019|

My Swing Trading Strategy This has been by far the most difficult month of trading that I have ever seen. I mean, when you have a Twitter account that can bring ruin to the financial markets, it makes predictability a lot more difficult. The month of May started with a [...]

Swing-Trading Strategy Report #449

2019-05-30T08:40:00-04:00May 30, 2019|

My Swing Trading Strategy Expecting further downside in this market as the head and shoulders pattern on the daily chart confirmed. May see a bounce first, but overall, the volume increased yesterday and it suggests that more traders are becoming concerned and liquidating their positions.  Indicators Volatility Index (VIX) – VIX [...]

Swing-Trading Strategy Report #448

2019-05-29T09:00:00-04:00May 29, 2019|

My Swing Trading Strategy I increased my long exposure yesterday by one position, however, the market wasn’t able to hold on to its early morning gains. The market could be setting up for a hard reversal higher following the morning gap down, which tends to be the more traditional bounce [...]

Swing-Trading Strategy Report #447

2019-05-28T09:00:00-04:00May 28, 2019|

My Swing Trading Strategy I tried to day-trade the bounce yesterday, but there was little juice in the market ahead of the three day weekend. I added one additional swing-trade that I held over the weekend, and will look to add 1-2 more today if this market can hold up [...]

Swing-Trading Strategy Report #446

2019-05-24T09:10:00-04:00May 24, 2019|

My Swing Trading Strategy I sold out of my two remaining swing-trades yesterday as their stops were taken out in the early going of trading. I’m 100% cash, but flexible with whatever direction I trade going forward. With all the selling we have seen so far this month, it wouldn’t [...]

Swing-Trading Strategy Report #445

2019-05-23T09:10:00-04:00May 23, 2019|

My Swing Trading Strategy I sold Netflix (NFLX) for a +1.5% profit yesterday. I didn’t add any new positions today, and am willing to get short should the market show a willingness to sell off further this morning.  Indicators Volatility Index (VIX) – Sold off for the seventh time in the [...]

Swing-Trading Strategy Report #444

2019-05-22T09:10:00-04:00May 22, 2019|

My Swing Trading Strategy Two new long positions were added yesterday, and while I am open to adding more, the market will have to come off of its lows. I have been hesitant to add pure technology plays of late, especially those with connections with China, as they are in [...]

Swing-Trading Strategy Report #443

2019-05-21T08:40:00-04:00May 21, 2019|

My Swing Trading Strategy I came into yesterday with just one long position and I left with just one long position. I made no new trades. The market showed no willingness to commit to a direction and as a result, I stood to the side and let the market play [...]

Swing-Trading Strategy Report #442

2019-05-20T09:10:00-04:00May 20, 2019|

My Swing Trading Strategy I booked gains in Amazon (AMZN) for a +2.7% profit as well as Microsoft (MSFT) for a +3.1% profit. Both solid trades. I am only left with one long position coming into Monday. I will look to see whether the morning weakness holds and if it does, consider adding [...]

Swing-Trading Strategy Report #441

2019-05-17T09:10:00-04:00May 17, 2019|

My Swing Trading Strategy I booked gains in Netflix (NFLX) yesterday at 361.21 for a +3.3% profit. I still have a few other long positions, but plan to tighten my stops on each of them to lock in gains amid today’s pre-market weakness.  Indicators Volatility Index (VIX) – Dropped for the [...]

Swing-Trading Strategy Report #440

2019-05-16T09:00:00-04:00May 16, 2019|

My Swing Trading Strategy I expected to hold on to SPXU yesterday longer than I did, nonetheless, I was forced to quickly act and close out the position for a +1.1% profit. I added another long position yesterday, and will consider one more today if the market can sustain the early [...]

Swing-Trading Strategy Report #439

2019-05-15T09:00:00-04:00May 15, 2019|

My Swing Trading Strategy I tried to play the market bounce yesterday. I took about at 1% profit in HES, followed by a small profit in UPRO, however, by the end of the day, I had flipped to the bear side and added SPXU which sets up to have a [...]

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