Trading Notebook: $MSOS $JNJ $AMC $QQQ $AAPL

2023-09-06T17:54:30-04:00September 6, 2023|

Multiple support levels to watch following the hard fade in $MSOS. Notable support at $6.75, followed by $6.20. $JNJ testing the rising trend-line and attempting to bounce intraday. If broken, and moves below $157, I want nothign to do with it. Bear flag in $AMC confirmed in dramatic fashion with [...]

Trading Notebook: $F $NIO $QQQ

2023-08-29T16:26:43-04:00August 29, 2023|

$F continues to hold the rising trend-line off of the March lows. Potential bounce candidate here. $NIO desperately attempting to hold major support. Close will be very important, and a hold should drastically increase the chances of a bounce from here. $QQQ declining resistance getting tested on QQQ here.

Trading Notebook: $GOOGL $AMD $QQQ $SQ

2023-08-24T15:11:25-04:00August 24, 2023|

$GOOGL pullback to the bull flag breakout today. Will need to hold this or risk this being a failed breakout. $AMD pulling back to its rising trend-line off the January lows, after failing to break out of the bull flag this morning. With today's fade off the highs of the [...]

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