Stocks Watchlist: MCO, OLN, CBI

2017-03-08T17:04:00-05:00March 8, 2017|

Second consecutive day where the market sells off in the final 30 minutes of trading rather than blast higher into the close as has been the norm for the market for years now. There has definitely been a change in the attitude of the market over the last 3-4 trading [...]

Swing Trading Watch-List: ALB, AMAT, OLN, CDE, WYNN

2016-11-08T07:54:33-05:00November 8, 2016|

It was a fantastic October in the Splash Zone, and now it is time for you to experience the same by joining the SharePlanner Splash Zone. Start trading with me to see for yourself what a membership to my service can do for your portfolio. Sign up for a Free 7-Day [...]

Swing Trading Watch-List: NFLX, BIDU, OLN, GE, GIS

2016-09-01T23:01:19-04:00September 1, 2016|

August is in the books, and did you know that the market was down for the first time since February. But Splash Zone traders were up yet again! Join the SharePlanner Splash Zone and start trading with me to see for yourself what a membership can do for your portfolio. Sign up [...]

Swing Trading Watch-List: $TRMB $GME $OLN $AKRX $WMB

2016-05-16T17:43:32-04:00May 16, 2016|

The profits continue to increase in May – Don’t let the month waste away without at least signing up for a Free 7-Day Trial to the SharePlanner Splash Zone! With your membership, you will get each and every trade that I make with real-time text and email alerts (international too) as [...]

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