Trading Notebook: $AMD $ACI $MMM

2023-11-02T15:13:03-04:00November 2, 2023|

$AMD struggling with the upper channel band resistance. Rising trend-line on $ACI remains intact. As long as it holds, the stock remains bullish. $MMM breakout above the inverse head and shoulders neckline.

SharePlanner Notebook: July 26th

2021-07-26T19:45:00-04:00July 26, 2021|

As a new feature to SharePlanner, I'm going to roll out, the SharePlanner Notebook, where I essentially "clear out my notebook" of the charts I went through today, and provide you with some or all of the ones that I found interesting. Some of them, may have been requests from [...]

Swing Trade Setup MMM

2016-06-07T10:17:49-04:00June 7, 2016|

6/7: Breaking out of the recent price range from the past two months with an inverse head and shoulders pattern at the highs. Support at the 50-day moving average.

Swing Trading Watch-List: GILD, RLGY, MMM, DOW, SEE

2016-06-06T21:10:12-04:00June 6, 2016|

It was a great month of trading during May. A great June is already underway. Join the SharePlanner Splash Zone and see for yourself what a membership can do for your portfolio by signing up for a Free 7-Day Trial. With your membership, you will get each and every trade that I make [...]

Swing Trade $KAR $LNKD $MEG $MMM $INTC

2016-05-19T17:54:16-04:00May 19, 2016|

The profits continue to increase in May – Don’t let the month waste away without at least signing up for a Free 7-Day Trial to the SharePlanner Splash Zone! With your membership, you will get each and every trade that I make with real-time text and email alerts (international too) as [...]

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