Swing Trading Strategy Report #16

2017-08-17T08:59:00-04:00August 17, 2017|

My Swing Trading Approach I booked some profits and cut my long exposure yesterday, while adding a short position and making my portfolio “neutral”. I’ll add more short positions today if the current pre-market weakness persists.  […]

My Swing Trading Profits in April

2017-05-25T12:12:51-04:00May 25, 2017|

Swing Trading Results for April were solid – this despite an unmovable and dull stock market  The month of April finished higher for the month but it wasn’t until April 24th, when the market finally decided to gap higher in a big way, did the S&P 500 break a profit [...]

Stocks to Watch: EBAY MTOR WRK

2017-04-03T08:59:00-04:00April 3, 2017|

Stocks to watch for the start of April April is here, and that means, you need to reset your mind and get ready for another month of opportunities, decisions, and whatever else the market may decide to throw your way.  It was another Good month in the SharePlanner Splash Zone. [...]

Today’s Trading Plan: Rate Day

2016-12-14T09:07:56-05:00December 14, 2016|

Technical Analysis: The S&P 500 (SPX) keeps marching higher with little resistance to counter its momentum, rising another 14 points towards the goal of 2300.  Even more so, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) is up 22 of the last 26 days (over 84% win rate) and has made new all-time highs 7 [...]

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