Don’t Chase Price

2016-07-05T14:59:35-04:00July 5, 2016|

Today is a perfect reason why you don’t chase price when the market starts running hard and fast without you.  Here is what happened to price chasers over the last seven trading sessions: Friday, June 24th: (First day after the Brexit): Must short the market. Everything is crashing.  Monday, June [...]

You Don’t Lose Money!

2016-06-28T15:05:41-04:00June 28, 2016|

I have a lot of concerns when it comes to implementing Warren Buffett’s approach to the stock market. I think the buy and hold approach is outdated and highly risky. Today’s market requires that you actively manage and trade your portfolio and not allow naivete or passive investing hamper your [...]

This Is Why you Don’t Trade Biotechs

2016-04-26T13:33:14-04:00April 26, 2016|

This isn’t uncommon – I swear I talk about not trading biotechs every single week because some stock gets killed by the FDA. That is because unless you are an expert in the field (which I am not and you probably aren’t either) the risk you take trading biotechs are [...]

Don’t Keep Track Of Your Trading Capital

2016-03-09T12:49:00-05:00March 9, 2016|

Far too many traders become engrossed by how much “money” they make on a single trade.  In my opinion, almost every trading flaw can be rooted in this issue of watching the dollars.  Have you ever wondered why you trade better in a paper account? It is because there is [...]

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