Long Setups If The Bulls Can Manage To Buy The Dip Again

2016-09-14T14:25:44-04:00September 14, 2016|

I am not a fan of adding long positions in this current market environment. Especially after yesterday when the bulls gave up all of their gains following what is now a dead-cat bounce.  The market looks to me to be setting up for further downside. You have the FOMC Statement [...]

Today’s Trading Plan: To Buy or Not to Buy

2016-07-07T08:59:17-04:00July 7, 2016|

Technical Outlook: Massive bounce yesterday at around the 50-day moving average, and closing a shade below 2100.  Again the bears let go of another opportunity to jump start a sell-off.  SPY volume dropped off yesterday and was notably below recent averages for the first time in 10 trading sessions.  VIX [...]

The Russell Index’s Ultimate Buy and Sell Signal

2016-04-29T10:45:54-04:00April 29, 2016|

Let’s just say that the Russell index does not like to put forward a good challenge to the 50-week moving average and this week has been no different. After testing the 50-week moving average last week for the first time since early December of last year, the Russell index tested [...]

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