Bullish Setups to Jump Start a Hot Week

2018-03-05T15:20:05-05:00March 5, 2018|

The bulls are off to a hot start, and you are going to need a solid watch-list to help I’ve put together a list of what I think, are the best plays heading into this week. The market is off to a hat start and these are the stocks that [...]

Swing Trading Strategy Report #125

2018-01-24T08:54:00-05:00January 24, 2018|

My Swing Trading Approach I added two trades to the portfolio yesterday, was whipped out of a another for a small profit. I will look to keep the portfolio the same, with little changes to it, beyond increasing my stops. If a great opportunity comes my way, I may pull [...]

Bullish Watch-List To Kick Start Your 2018

2018-01-02T14:28:43-05:00January 2, 2018|

Bulls are off to a solid start for 2018 with a solid rally.  Not a major rally, but considering the sell-off that concluded 2017, there was some pause among traders as to whether the selling would carry over into the new year.  […]

Bulls Off to a Respectable Start

2017-12-11T12:37:51-05:00December 11, 2017|

The bulls are trying to do things a bit differently this week, by actually starting the week off with a rally.  The last two weeks have provided some shaky starts to their respective trading weeks, but today, the market is quietly building on its gains from the previous two trading [...]

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