New Trade Setups Added

Long: Schlumberger (SLB) *See Notes Below*

  • Ideal Entry: 23.25
  • Stop-loss Option: 21.97
  • Target: 30.80
  • Risk Rating: 3.4

slb long setup

SLB:  If the ideal entry is triggered in the first 30 minutes of the trade setup, I will not enter the trade. Instead, I will enter a trade after the first 30 minutes on a break of the highs of the day. This is in order to help avoid any market fades that initially gets me into a trade but immediately sells off on.

Trade Setups Triggered:

Long Setups: None

Short Setups: None

Setups Waiting to Trigger:

Long Setups: SLB

Short Setups: None

Active Trades:

Long Setups: SBUX (1/2), PYPL (1/3), DKNG (2/3), LOW, ADBE

Short Setups: None 

Trades/Setups Removed/Closed:

NT=Never Triggered, 1/2=Half position, 1/3=Third position

Long Setups: None

Short Setups: None

Trading Notes: 

PYPL: I raised my stop-loss in PYPL to 224.59

Trading Notes: Expect a light week of volume as the stock market enters the lightest volume week of the year. The stock market will be closed on Friday for Christmas and only a half day on Friday. I don't take a lot of days off throughout the course of the year, but I will be away from the Trading Block on Wednesday and the half day on Thursday to spend Christmas with family. I'll still be monitoring my open positions and making any changes that are necessary but won't be adding new positions and to be honest those days aren't even days you really want to be actively trading in the first place. So I'll here Monday and Tuesday, but will be away on Wednesday and Thursday for the observance of the Christmas holiday. 

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