$AAPL 30 min chart – Very nice move from the 385 level. I decided not to change the chart since market is overbought. So any movement below the 78.6% Fibonacci level (417.80) is a good short.

AAPL 30min

$BBRY 2 Hour chart – Over 15.40 is a nice long.

BBRY 2 Hour

$FB 2 Hour Chart – Opening between 2 Fibonacci Level. Looks like it wants 27.70.

FB 2 Hour

$NFLX 15 and 10 min chart- The reason I made these two charts is to better explain how this crazy stock can still be traded daily. The 15 min chart shows a bigger picture, and the 10 minute chart is a zoom of the Fibonacci levels.

NFLX 15 min

NFLX 10 min

$NIHD Daily Chart – Probably my favorite setup today. Over 9.45 and it will go.

NIHD Daily

$PHMD daily chart – Right in the middles of two Fibonacci levels, but looks like it wants 17.20.

PHMD Daily

$QCOM 4 hour chart – Meaningless move, watch for support at 61.40. I do believe it holds that level.

QCOm 4 Hou