There you have it! Since March I thought this rally was a bunch of garbage, and quite honestly I still do. I think this market is making waaaay too many people believe that the worst is behind us, and it very well may be, but that doesn’t mean the market isn’t going to eventually head back lower again once the euphoria subsides. Show some caution people!!! It still amazes me that through all that we have been through over the past couple of years, that Jim Cramer still has a job over at CNBC and that they still listen to him – in fact I’m amazed that CNBC is still allowed on the airwaves with some of the garbage they put out.

Nonetheless, I am not going to fight this market, if it wants to head higher then so be it. I learned the valuable lesson (again) of not jumping in front of a freight train, thinking it will stop on a dime – and that is exactly what I did with the myriad of shorts that I put on over the past month. Some were profitable but most were not.

So here I am, the reluctant bull, the closet bull, the bandwagon bull, and going long as much as I can until the gravy train runs out (and believe me it will), but in the mean-time, if there is money to be made by trading long, then it makes no sense bucking the trend and losing hard earned capital in the process.

I’ll probably look to add another position to the portfolio tomorrow. There really wasn’t anything worth mentioning today, which is why you didn’t see much out of me, besides adding additional shares to my position in Apple (AAPL) at 179.50.