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 Discover the Best Investment System on the Web!

It is time to get serious about growing your investment accounts and get started with the SharePlanner Investment System. There is no other service on the web that combines simplicity with market-beating stock picks for any trading environment to grow your portfolio into that retirement nest-egg you have always dreamed of. The concepts are simple for even the most novice of traders to understand and so profitable that even the experienced trader will tip their hat to your investment success.

It doesn't matter whether you are a full-time trader or gainfully employed with a regular 9-5 job, you can easily take advantage of my Investment Systems with the least amount of effort. So don't worry if you can't watch the markets all the time, with the SharePlanner Investment System it is easy to manage your investments on your own or you can choose to auto-trade the Investment System, while you sit back and relax. 


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The Best Investment System on the Web

With my Investment System you get:

    • An investment system that has returned 1250.5% since 2003
    • 40-60 investment picks each year.
    • A "Long" only system that has beaten the market every year, even 2008
    • Ideal for 401(k), IRA and other retirement accounts
    • Check out my systems's past performance


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The Simplest Of All Investment Systems

A system that was designed for traders to duplicate

  • Nightly email sent each evening providing all of the picks for the next day
  • Invest only in S&P 500 stocks
  • Buy the stock at the market open
  • Use a trailing stop-loss of 10%
  • And that's it!!!



You also get my Risk Pick System

For those traders with a bigger risk appetite

  • My secondary system providing more volatility but with the same 10% trailing stop-loss. 
  • All stocks are taken from the Russell 1000
  • 70-90 trades each year. 
  • Risk is minimized while maximizing the opportunity to capture the optimal amount of profit on each trade. 


Investment System Alerts

Access to SharePlanner Short Picks

Activates when the market turns bearish

  • An excellent hedge against a bear market
  • Avoids the dreaded short-squeeze 
  • Employs a 2% stop-loss to minimize risk with hard targets to capture consistent gains



Breath-Taking Trading Technology & In-Depth Stock Scans

Technology connects your smart-phone/tablet with my investment system

  • Duplicate my success with ease and simplicity with my auto-traders
  • Automate your investments with one of the auto-traders
  • The best newsletter for investment systems on the web today


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