As of this writing, I am roughly 67% vested. All of which are short positions in the portfolio. This morning I jumped on ENI SPA (E) and Proctor Gamble (PG). This afternoon, I continued to build my portfolio with two additional short positions in Baldor Electric (BEZ) and Stryker Corp (SYK). Both of which are plays that have seen their share price rally on low volume to a previous level of major resistance. Both of these stocks can be found on the stock screen that I published earlier this afternoon entitled, 36 Stocks That Are Breaking Down.

This market appears to be heading lower, and I plan on taking full advantage of it!!!

Click Here for the charts of the stocks of which I am shorting along with further details to the rationale as well as the stop-loss that I am using.

SHORT: Baldor Electric (BEZ)

SHORT: Stryker Corp (SYK)