For all the bulls that are still out there (and you know who you are!) I've done you a favor and compiled a list of stocks that have some pretty impressive dividends being offered. Now obviously higher paying dividends often come with a bit more risk, or else why would they pay out that type of dividend in the first place? However, with the recent drops in the market, dividends across the board have rapidly increased, and the list below shows you exactly as much.

Once such stock, Tele Norte (TNE) offers a 34% yield! Now granted they have been hammered quite a bit of late, but a 34% divi (assuming they could keep the payout as is without cutting it) definitely provides you the investor with some downside protection. However, ignore TNE for now, because there are a number of other good stocks in the list below that have done a great job of maintaining their share price in the wake of a lot of turmoil. So do some due diligence, find some good dividend paying companies, and use the list below to get you jump started!

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