t2108 market update
25 May 01:57 PM

More Room To Run?

in Market Analysis by Ryan Mallory
So far we've run hard right out of the gate this morning and since then we've essentially traded sideways showing… Read More »
spx inverse head and shoulders pattern
25 May 12:16 PM

SPX Sporting the Ultra Bullish Female Anatomy Pattern

in Technical Discussion by Ryan Mallory
Yes, by some accounts, people will say this is a major inverse head and shoulders pattern. I disagree, what I… Read More »
shareplanner reversal indicator 5-25-16
25 May 10:27 AM

SharePlanner Reversal Indicator: Poised for Upside

in Market Analysis by Ryan Mallory
Yes the previous reversal on the SharePlanner Reversal Indicator, which was a bearish one, did come to fruition,… Read More »
Expecting Some Downside
25 May 09:08 AM

Expecting Some Downside

in Springheel Jack by Springheel Jack
SPX broke back over the middle band yesterday with some confidence, and I was going to be writing this morning… Read More »
great gatsby stock market
25 May 05:59 AM

Today's Trading Plan: Market Breaks Higher

in Daily Trading Plans by Ryan Mallory
Technical Outlook: Massive, and very unexpected rally yesterday. The 5, 10, 20, and 50-day moving averages were… Read More »
24 May 08:29 PM

Swing Trading Watch-List: AMZN, MDVN, AON, CTSH, LUV

in Watch-Lists by Ryan Mallory
The profits continue to increase in May - Don't let the month waste away without at least signing up for a Free… Read More »
stock market super freak
24 May 02:25 PM

The Stock Market Is Rick James, Super Freak

in Technical Discussion by Ryan Mallory
No doubt about it, this market has become a full-fledged, Rick James, Super-Freak. The S&P 500 sells off for three… Read More »
bearish watch-list 5-24-16
24 May 01:15 PM

Inappropriate Short Setups

in Trade Setups by Ryan Mallory
I feel like this post is entirely inappropriate considering the current state of the market today, where it… Read More »
Testing The Monthly Pivot
24 May 10:45 AM

Testing The Monthly Pivot

in Springheel Jack by Springheel Jack
The bears had a chance to fail and continue down yesterday but couldn't manage it, so we are running the bullish… Read More »
stocks lack enthusiasm
24 May 05:56 AM

Today's Trading Plan: Stocks Curb Their Enthusiasm

in Daily Trading Plans by Ryan Mallory
Technical Outlook: Extremely dull price action that only saw a trading range between 2048 and 2055 and when it… Read More »

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