february-2016 week 2 swing trade results
12 February 04:09 PM

Market Down, Splash Zone Up - Updated Trading Results

in Technical Discussion by Ryan Mallory
Fortunes were won and lost this week, but more were probably lost. But in the SharePlanner Splash Zone, that… Read More »
going cash
12 February 02:00 PM

Here is Why I am Going 100% Cash Over the Weekend

in Market Analysis by Ryan Mallory
I've made two trades today, and both of them were to cover my remaining shorts. One for a profit and the other for… Read More »
jpm-trade review
12 February 10:57 AM

Reviewing My Short Cover in JPM Yesterday...Just in Time

in Technical Discussion by Ryan Mallory
This is why I am not a huge fan of holding my short positions for extended periods of time. Ideally, I like… Read More »
Dead Cat Bounce Targets
12 February 09:48 AM

Dead Cat Bounce Targets

in Springheel Jack by Springheel Jack
On ES an IHS has broken up with a target in the 1870 area. That's a match with the 61.8% fib retrace target at… Read More »
psycho market
12 February 07:46 AM

Today's Trading Plan: A Market with Psychotic Tendencies

in Daily Trading Plans by Ryan Mallory
Technical Outlook: SPX went all the way down to the 1810 level momentarily, and thereby breaking the critical 1812… Read More »
stock futures 2-11-16
11 February 11:52 PM

Futures at Bed Time

in Market Analysis by Ryan Mallory
Quick glimpse at the futures. Green for now, but anything can happen once the European markets open. Just imagine… Read More »
11 February 06:45 PM

Swing Trading Watch-List: $XYL $WMT $HAS $CF $MDT

in Watch-Lists by Ryan Mallory
The Splash Zone is off to a great start for trading in February despite the craziness of the financial markets.… Read More »
t2108 february update
11 February 02:26 PM

T2108 Suggests There is More Room to the Downside

in Market Analysis by Ryan Mallory
Alright - it is time to post another update on the T2108 - what is it you ask? (in the case you haven't been… Read More »
spy-head and shoulders pattern
11 February 12:09 PM

SPY Going for the Head and Shoulders Pattern Again

in Market Analysis by Ryan Mallory
SPY again trying to confirm this monumental head and shoulders pattern. And yes, if this pattern confirms, it does… Read More »
The Bear Flags Broke Down
11 February 10:30 AM

The Bear Flags Broke Down

in Springheel Jack by Springheel Jack
The bear flag megaphone on SPX hadn't broken down at the close last night but is very likely to at the open this… Read More »

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