a facebook fb bounce
27 June 02:36 PM

The Bounce Opportunity in Facebook (FB)

in Trade Setups by Ryan Mallory
Facebook (FB) has been downright ugly of late, but this past quarter it has, no doubt, been the market darling.… Read More »
27 June 01:02 PM

Where This Bottom Indicator Is Currently At

in Market Analysis by Ryan Mallory
I love the T2108 in markets like this. When volatility is at extremes, there is no better indicator out there for… Read More »
Brexit Follow-Through
27 June 12:35 PM

Brexit Follow-Through

in Springheel Jack by Springheel Jack
I've had some very surreal conversations about Brexit over the days since the unexpected vote to leave. One of the… Read More »
bullish watch-list 6-27-16
27 June 10:42 AM

The Bounce: Wait For It...Here's A Few Setups To Watch

in Trade Setups by Ryan Mallory
It has been a long time since I have seen such a paltry collection of long setups. I guess when the Dow drops over… Read More »
Currency Canaries
26 June 01:53 AM

Currency Canaries

in Strawberry Blonde by Strawberry Blonde
If currency markets continue to experience high volatility with a strengthening US dollar, I think equity markets,… Read More »
double top pattern on the stock market
27 June 06:53 AM

Today's Trading Plan: The Double Top Takes Shape

in Daily Trading Plans by Ryan Mallory
Technical Outlook: To say that Friday was an epic market would be an understatement. Following the Brexit news,… Read More »
26 June 09:36 PM

Swing Trading Watch-List: JPM, GE, MGM, CAR, TOL

in Watch-Lists by Ryan Mallory
The stock market is crazy and volatile. But you can still profit from it while minimizing your risk! Join the… Read More »
manage your own retirement
24 June 02:27 PM

Long Term Investing Is Dead - Start Actively Managing Your Accounts

in Technical Discussion by Ryan Mallory
With the stock market having tumbled over 600 points on the Dow Jones Industrial and over 75 points on the S&P 500… Read More »
The BREXIT Vote Wins...A Catastrophy Awaits
24 June 04:19 PM

The BREXIT Vote Wins...A Catastrophy Awaits

in Strawberry Blonde by Strawberry Blonde
Further to my UPDATES noted on my last post, a massive Head & Shoulders pattern has formed on this GBP/USD Monthly… Read More »
UK Independence Day
24 June 11:13 AM

UK Independence Day

in Springheel Jack by Springheel Jack
Much to everyone's surprise, including mine, the Brexit campaign won the UK referendum by a healthy margin and it… Read More »

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