Wall Street Nole's Morning Stocks to Watch for Day-Trading


coffee98"Oh, the best part of waking up...


Earnings season is back! 



Big Ben is on the mic again today at 10:00 ET.



Check out some of today's highly anticipated stocks to day-trade while you have your morning coffee. 


 Morning Coffee - Day-Trading Watch-List
1 $DLTR - One of my favorite stocks form back in the day. It's gapping off good earnings today. There may be strength in this name especially if the market sells off today. Often time we see investors clamor in to these names and getting away from luxury items. Also watch sympathy plays like FDO and DG.    

$FSLR - Big gap down after good earnings with a very poor future outlook. After selling off hard yesterday it's down another  14% in PM.  Maybe some value in a dead cat bounce today but please don't rush this high flier it will be dangerous the first 15 minutes out of the gate. 


$EXPE- This stock is gapping up on Price Line sympathy as that stock is running in PM. We have had good luck with this stock and I'll be on the lookout for reversals and bounces rather than trending price action. Watch closely how this stock relates to PCLN and the market through out the day.


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