Wall Street Nole's Day-Trading Weekly Top 5 Watch-List


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This list is made up of high probable stock setups from the previous week's price movement. These tickers tend to match my criteria of volume, high range,and historical price movement with suitable risk vs reward setups. These stocks also have a lower market correlation and act inversely at times from the broader trend.




These 5 stocks will be towards the top of my day trading radar this week.


Top 5
1 $CXO- A brand new stock that came on my scans and is now in the Splash Zone Top 15 watchlist. CXO was up 10% the past week of trading and now has 5 days in the green. I'll be watching this close for possible pull back longs based on price action coming into this week.  

$URI- What a nice looking chart on the Daily. Assuming $48 can hold we are looking at really nice bullish stock where we can play it form the long side. If this retraces back to sub $48 I'll be looking to short without hesitation.


$KORS- Splash Zone members know what I mean when I mention I'm looking at the third pillar here on the daily of KORS. The third pillar tells me we could be in for a sharp decline back to the 200 EMA.  Sub 52 would be a good start if I can nail it there.


CHK-This energy play showed some resistance at $16, and hit hard through $17 on Friday. 17.85 is the breakout spot and It might just do it as daily range seems to be rolling up along with volume. 


HP- Is up to a 9 month high. This oil driller has really done well since bottoming in June. Since the breakout in late November, this stock has never looked back.  We are now dealing with a classic bul stock that I'll be looking to get long exposure to.  This is a buy the dip type of play but will also look for trending plays above key intra-day moving averages


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