Wall Street Nole's Morning Stocks to Watch for Day-Trading


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Happy New Year form the SharePlanner trading community. I hope it's prosperous and successful for all. 


All eyes on capital hill this morning as we await the pivotal information of the fiscal cliff. Please be careful if you are trading today. News and false news of this nature becomes very difficult to quantify in terms of risk vs reward.   


Check out some of today's highly anticipated stocks to day-trade while you have your morning coffee. 

 Morning Coffee - Day-Trading Watch-List
1 $SSO- I mentioned this in my top 5 watchers for the week. It is definitly in play today as news sensitive data will be causing the broad market to jump around. 
2 $BMY- Is up in PM trading from positive drug news from a Pfizer and Bristol Myers owned blood thinner. PM trading is at 32.50, up close to 3% from Friday's close.  

$SLV- With all eyes on treasuries, currency, and gold, don't forget about little ole Silver! You can also gain exposure from $PAAS and $SLW


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