Wall Street Nole's Day-Trading Weekly Top 5 Watch-List



This list is made up of high probable stock setups from the previous week's price movement. These tickers tend to match my criteria of volume, high range,and historical price movement with suitable risk vs reward setups. These stocks also have a lower market correlation and act inversely at times from the broader trend.



These 5 stocks will be towards the top of my day trading radar this week.


Top 5
1 CLF- This stock continues to be my #1 intra-day stock to trade. It has great range and favors trends as oppose to reversals. 

SSO- The double levered SPY ETF is a great way to achieve exposure on the equity side of the overall market. I will look to exploit fiscal cliff greed and fear through this vehicle. 


LL- This lumber stock came across my scans a week back. The most important thing is the deviation from the overall market. Next, I like the 3% daily range. Lastly, it appears to be at the end of a long term trend and I'll be looking to short below $48. 


BIDU- This stock came off the bottom a couple weeks back like a champ! $103 will be the next breakout level but I'll be hesitant in getting long without additional confirmation. 


EXPE- I'm slightly long bias on this stock but intra-day round number reversals have been a key player for this stock. Watch $60 and $62 this week for retracements. 


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