Wall Street Nole's Morning Stocks to Watch for Day-Trading


coffee19"Oh, the best part of waking up..."

Tis the season for special dividends!  I'm all over these plays and you should be too.


A rare trending sell off hit yesterday. I was surprised by this move but do expect the action to return to whipsaw. Be aware that Obama has an interview at 12:30 EST which will most likely make markets move. 


Check out some of today's highly anticipated stocks to day-trade while you have your morning coffee. 

 Morning Coffee - Day-Trading Watch-List
1 $PETS- For the micro players this is the only special dividend play I can find this morning. PETS will pay a $1 special divy on 12/24 to holders of record as of 12/14. Pre-market trading is at 12.15-12.31
2 $ BIG- Posted a 3rd quarter loss bu the street took it well as earnings forecast was revised and estimated higher. Pre market trading up around $2 from yesterday's close.
3 $SHLD- Sent traders scrambling as oversold indicators were right on yesterday. The reversal sent the shorts squeezing as this trender finally put on the breaks. Today will confirm if we are bouncing or the squeeze was simply a day of rest for this pitiful stock.


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