Solid gap into today's market but be careful not to chase after the setups

lazy road crewToday's lazy trade long and short comes as we are finally getting a solid bounce out of this market and likely to push higher throughout the week. The short setup, Lululemon (LULU) looks great, and if I didn't think that this market would rally for the better part of this week, I'd already re-short this stock. 

But instead, I'm going to keep LULU in my back pocket to short if this market decides to surprise and reverse lower, then LULU will be the first stock I take on. 

ODP looks really good as well as it has a nice box/coiling setup over the past couple of weeks, and as of today, is looking to make a move to the upside by pushing through $2.98.

[UPDATE: Took a long position in ODP at $2.98]

Here's today's lazy trades long and short setups

LONG: Office Depot (ODP)

Office Depot ODP  breakout play long

SHORT: Lululemon (LULU)

Lululemon LULU short swing-trade setup

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